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Penalties in drug crime prosecutions vary widely, and often small differences in amount or interpretation can lead to vastly different results. When each detail counts, you need a defense advocate who understands where the boundaries lie and what needs to be shown to obtain a favorable result. Jarboe & Pfeil represents residents of Northern Michigan accused of drug violations in federal and state court. Having served as a Michigan prosecutor, attorney Paul Jarboe has a detailed knowledge of statutory law as well as the tactics employed by police and prosecutors. Whether you’re facing a marijuana possession charge or an allegation of distributing narcotics, we give you the edge you need to obtain a fair result.

Knowledgeable advisers seeking favorable results under Michigan drug law

Michigan law has five different classifications, known as schedules, for the adjudication of drug offenses. Schedule I drug convictions carry the most serious criminal penalties. Jarboe & Pfeil assists clients with charges relating to all types of drugs, including:

  • Marijuana — Michigan, unlike some other states, has not legalized marijuana for personal use. It remains a Schedule I drug, which means possessing even a single joint can lead to a fine and up to a year in prison. If you have been charged with pot possession or use, we can work on your behalf to obtain a lesser sentence, particularly if this is your first offense.
  • Cocaine — Cocaine is classified as a Schedule II drug, carrying serious penalties for even small amounts of rock or powder cocaine. Initial offenders facing counts of misdemeanor use or felony possession might be eligible for probation or treatment, but sentences get very tough if the amount is 50 grams or greater.
  • Heroin — Heroin is a Schedule I drug under Michigan law and even people caught with a small amount, under 50 grams, face up to four years in prison. Because heroin is so highly addictive, Jarboe & Pfeil negotiates with prosecutors when possible to find a suitable alternative to a long, unproductive prison term for heroin charges.
  • Prescription drugs — People sometimes don’t realize the severe consequences of unlawful prescription drug possession. However, depending on the pharmaceutical, the punishment can be as severe as that for cocaine. If you have been accused of illegal prescription drug possession, we can provide the strong counsel you need.

The state has established an innovative system of drug courts that take a broader approach to drug use and emphasize treatment over punishment. If this is a better option, we will strongly advocate for this type of adjudication.

Strong counsel for allegations involving manufacture or trafficking

When legal authorities presume that controlled substances are intended for sale rather than personal use, the potential sanctions are much worse. Federal and state trafficking laws carry long sentences; similar punishments exist for drug manufacture charges. Often, though, the supposed evidence of intent to distribute can be both subjective and misleading. Possession of a certain amount, communications with particular individuals, even the presence of everyday household objects, such as scales, can be used to create a trafficking case. If you’ve been charged with manufacture or an intent to distribute, you need immediate legal advice. Jarboe & Pfeil can help separate the truth from unsupported accusations to give you the best chance for an optimal outcome.

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