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Northern Michigan Lawyers Safeguard Clients’ Rights to Parenting Time

Traverse City firm provides effective representation in custody and visitation matters

When Michigan couples with children divorce, parenting time is generally shared regardless of whether physical custody is granted to one or both parents. Shared parenting time serves the best interests of the children while promoting each parent’s continuing involvement in their upbringing. At Jarboe & Pfeil, our family law attorneys bring over 40 years of combined experience to helping divorced parents resolve parenting time issues. We represent clients in Traverse City and throughout Northern Michigan.

Skilled legal counselors explain factors affecting parenting time awards

Michigan law requires that parenting time with noncustodial parents be awarded in a court order, which may contain a detailed schedule. Parents can often work out a schedule between themselves and then provide it to the judge for approval. When parents can’t agree, which is not unusual in a divorce, the judge will determine a specific schedule that will be included in the court order. In making child custody and parenting time determinations, judges consider these factors:

  1. How strong are the love and emotional bonds between children and each parent
  2. The ability and disposition of each parent to give children love, affection and guidance
  3. The ability of each parent to provide food, clothing, healthcare and other necessities
  4. Which parent can provide a stable and secure home environment
  5. Who else is living in each parent’s home or family unit
  6. The moral fitness of each parent
  7. The mental and physical health of each parent
  8. How parents support their children’s education, activities, responsibilities and time with friends
  9. Whom the children would prefer to live with, if the court believes they are old enough to decide
  10. The willingness of each parent to support a relationship between the children and the other parent
  11. Whether domestic violence has been an issue in the family
  12. Any other factors the judge believes are important to consider

Parenting time plans may specify how parents will communicate about schedule changes, how children’s toys, clothes and other belongings will be transported, how much notice must be given if one parent wants to travel with the child and how other parenting concerns will be handled. Our experienced family law attorney can help you negotiate a parenting time schedule or can skillfully represent you if there are issues in dispute. We will ensure that your rights are taken into account in the parenting time determination.

Effective attorneys aid in parenting time modifications

When there are changes in circumstances, one or both parents may wish to modify the parenting time plan. If both parties agree on a modification, they can work with their attorneys to revise the schedule and request the court’s approval. Otherwise, the parent who wants the change must file a Motion Regarding Parenting Time with the court. Both parents will be called to appear at a hearing with a judge or referee. A parent must have a good reason to ask for a parenting time modification, such as a change in work schedule, the child’s school schedule or other proper cause. Whether you are requesting or opposing a modification, we can answer your questions, prepare and file the necessary paperwork and represent you throughout the process.

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At Jarboe & Pfeil, in Traverse City, our experienced family law attorneys assist clients throughout Northern Michigan with child custody and parenting time issues. To schedule a free consultation, call our firm at 231-714-9878 or contact us online.


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