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Traverse City Child Custody Lawyers Work to Preserve Family Bonds

Skillful Michigan advocates preserve your parental rights and protect your children’s best interests

In Michigan, as in every other state, child custody decisions are supposed to be guided by what is considered to be the best interests of the child. Of course, the difficult part is applying real-world situations to this subjective standard. You owe it to your children and yourself to find an experienced attorney who can obtain a proper custody order. The Traverse City lawyers of Jarboe & Pfeil use our legal knowledge and experience in the family court system to pursue custody arrangements in which children can thrive. We balance diligent, professional advocacy with the need to maintain parental relations going forward. If an agreement cannot be reached, we will develop a comprehensive case that shows how you will meet your child’s physical, emotional and security needs.

Detailed advice on the various aspects of child custody determinations

The family law attorneys at Jarboe & Pfeil understand how vital it is for you to make informed decisions when it concerns your children, so we are committed to delivering knowledgeable counsel on specific matters such as:

  • Legal custody — Courts usually want parents to share legal custody, which is the decision-making authority for their sons and daughters. If there is a reason why this might not be appropriate, we can petition the court for sole legal custody.
  • Physical custody — This type of custody refers to where the child will live. Jarboe & Pfeil can present in detail to the court what your child’s needs are and how they can best be met. If one parent remains in the family home, children often remain with them to maintain some continuity in their daily schedule and education. Depending on proximity of the parents’ residences, this type of custody can be shared as well.
  • Parenting time — Michigan law mandates that a child’s time with a noncustodial parent be addressed in a schedule. In some instances, parents work out the details themselves, but sometimes the court will establish terms for visitation dates, holiday arrangements and transportation.

Even when other divorce disputes cannot be resolved outside of court, we help clients make the extra effort to settle parenting issues on a mutually agreeable basis, for their sake and their children’s.

Assisting with custody and visitation disputes involving parental fitness

Unfortunately, there are situations in which it is unsafe for children to be alone with one parent, for reasons that may include a dangerous living environment, a history of physical violence, or substance abuse. Mental or physical inability to care for the child properly could also be a factor. Courts have established programs, such as supervised visitation, for these types of situations. Whether you think your child might be in danger with your ex or if you’ve been accused of lacking parental fitness, Jarboe & Pfeil can provide the immediate help you require.

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