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Established Traverse City Attorneys Advise Divorcing Spouses

Michigan law firm providing professional counsel when a marriage ends

With more than 40 years of combined legal experience, the Traverse City lawyers of Jarboe & Pfeil can handle any type of divorce, from the calmest to the most contentious. We understand that the way in which your marriage is dissolved will affect you and your family for years to come. Throughout Northern Michigan, we protect clients’ rights on key issues such as child custody, spousal support and property division. Though we cannot make divorce a happy process, we will negotiate and litigate each detail so that you have the comfort of knowing you’ve received the best representation possible.

Knowledgeable advocates delivering legal support when couples break up

As experienced family law attorneys, Jarboe & Pfeil can answer your questions and assist you with every aspect of divorce procedure, including:

  • Filing and grounds — Six months of residency in the state is necessary to file for divorce in Michigan. Because Michigan is a no-fault state, a spouse does not file alleging misconduct on their partner’s part. Dissolution is granted based on the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, but fault can play a part in property and spousal support decisions.
  • Alternative dispute resolution methods — If you prefer to resolve disputes through mediation or arbitration, Jarboe & Pfeil can provide the same diligent advocacy while saving you time and expense.
  • Equitable distribution of property — When property division is brought before a court, judges can allocate the marital assets according to what they think is fair. Equitable distribution does not always mean an even split, however, and judges often take factors such as age, earning ability and faulty conduct into account when dividing marital property.

At any stage in the divorce process, negotiations can break down. Immediate assistance from a skilled attorney might be necessary to avoid a decision that harms you and your children. Our family law attorneys with Jarboe & Pfeil tailor our representation to each client, so even if you and your partner are able to move the process along smoothly, we can make sure all legal requirements are satisfied and protect you in case of trouble.

Attorneys helping parents obtain proper child custody and support terms

For parents of minor children, child custody and support are always the first priorities in divorce proceedings. At Jarboe & Pfeil, we share and support the concern you have for your children’s well-being. Even when both parents have the same overall goals, it can be very difficult to demonstrate what actually is in the best interests of the child. Our lawyers will see that your parent-child relationship is protected and that custody and visitation orders enhance your child’s ability to grow up safely and happily. In accordance with Michigan law, we will also advocate tenaciously for the establishment and enforcement of accurate child support arrangements.

Northern Michigan lawyers assisting with spousal support determinations

Sometimes referred to as alimony, spousal support often prompts intense feuding between divorcing couples. Michigan law does not provide specific guidelines on the factors that should be reviewed, so presenting a strong, customized argument is crucial. We learn enough about our clients to highlight frequently considered information about the parties’ lifestyle, age, health and earning ability. If your partner’s behavior partially caused the marriage’s breakdown, we will make that known to give you the best chance at a fair result.

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From our office in Traverse City, Jarboe & Pfeil represents Michigan clients in divorce cases and other matters, including criminal defense and estate planning. Please call 231-714-9878 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.


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